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Massages with Thai Therapist

Thai Massage with Oil

Time: 60/90min. Price: 60/75€
The technique on Thai massage with oil is a fusion between stretching and relaxing massage. It gives you a nice sensation full with energy, great flexibility and deep relaxation.

Relaxing Massage

Time: 45/60/90min. Price: 55/60/75€
Relaxing Massage in Thai style with a high therapeutic element, combined with Bali style is specially distinguished in its positive result of treatment for sleep disorders, stress, anxiety and depression.

Decontracting Massage

Time: 30/60/90min. Price: 50 /60 /75€
The massage focuses on areas with problem about contracted muscles, alleviating pain and eliminating stress caused by bad postures and daily habits.

Traditional Thai Massage

Time: 60/90min. Price: 60/75 €
Massage without oil based on millennial Thai styles of stretching and pressure points for an extreme releasing of all body obstructions, harmonizing body and mind.

Thai Foot Massage

Time: 30/45/60min. Price: 50/60/70 €
The method we use is specially designed to reduce tension, pain in legs and feet. It is based on using a wood stick to press specific points in the muscles, also massaged along with traditional botanical cream from Thailand.

Head Massage

Time: 30/45/60min. Price: 50/55/65 €
The head massage takes care of relieve tension. This massage is very beneficial. Although it focuses on head, it also treats the most important parts of face, neck and nape, improving the circulatory system and helping to relieve headache and tension.

Tamarind Scrub

Time: 45min. Price: 70 €
The tamarind scrub is made of tamarind pulp. It favors both exfoliating and clearing natural complexion. It also rebirths cells in natural ways. The beautybenefits of the tamarind has become one of the most effective ways to fight against aging, wrinkles and signs of stress.



1:00 hour – Price 70 €
  • Thai Foot Massage 30 min.

  • Head Massage 30 min.


1:30 hour – Price 95 €
  • Scrub 30 min.

  • Massage on Choice 1 hour


2:00 hour – Price 115 €
  • Thai Massage with Oil 90 min.

  • Head Massage 30 Min.